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Homes and businesses are no places for these creatures.

They can damage your premises and cause you tremendous stress.

That’s why Petty Pest Control is here…offering a fast and friendly response to an uncomfortable and unsafe situation.

You’ll sleep soundly knowing that our expert technicians have removed these creatures from your premises and repaired the damage they may have caused.

With Petty Pest Control, you get experienced, highly trained technicians who want one thing…for you to be pest free.

From bed bugs to termites and everything in between, Petty Pest Control is the place to call.

Recent Posts

  • The truth about bedbug treatments (or why drive-by shootings don’t work!)

    The truth about bedbug treatments (or why drive-by shootings don’t work!)

    Earlier this week, myself and my partner had the opportunity to treat a large home that was very clean yet infested with bedbugs. One of the things that became very apparent was that if you have bedbugs, somebody walking by with a spray (or as I like to call it a drive-by shooting) simply will not work, or will require many many recalls before the problem is addressed properly. This home if you walked into it, you would never ever think they had a bedbug …Read More »
  • Termites


    As a pest, termites can be the most destructive of all the insects that can enter your home. If left unchecked, termites can literally eat the house from underneath you! Unless you carry special insurance, this can also leave you without a home! What is a termite? Termites have been known to build towers, hollow trees, move soil and destroy houses, and they are around the size of an ant. However, termites are usually slower and fatter than ants and they are usually white in …Read More »
  • Raccoons


    Raccoons Raccoons (Procyon Lotor) are medium sized animals, 12 – 35 + lbs. and 20 – 40 inches long, including a bushy tail with 4 to 7 black rings. The fur has a salt and pepper appearance with the black mask marking on a whitish face characteristic of the species. The tracks of the raccoon are very distinctive. The hind foot is long, narrow, and rests flat on the ground like those of a bear. The front paw is hand-like, with toes that are long …Read More »
  • Mice and rats, the forgotten pests

    Mice and rats, the forgotten pests

    With a lot of the discussions in the pest control industry focusing on bed bugs lately, attention has been removed from animals that can be far more harmful to humans in terms of both health and property damage, those being mice and rats. Mice and rats have followed humanity around since the earliest days. They found as man progressed, farming, building cozy shelters and traveling appealed to them. What has happened since the early days in is what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan, is that …Read More »
  • It’s time to get ready for raccoons and squirrels now!

    It’s time to get ready for raccoons and squirrels now!

    Even though we are still in the summer months, raccoons and squirrels are already starting to look for winter nesting spots. One of their favorite places are attics, specifically your attic! Both raccoons and squirrels are attracted to the warmth than attic can provide. They can feel the warmth coming off the vents, as well as taking advantage of any damaged soffits or shingles. Either of these pests can chew a hole into your roof. They will particularly target damp wood that they can pull …Read More »