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The SNEAKY Boxelder Bug is looking for a warm home this winter!

As the cold winter approaches, your home could be the target of an army of hundreds, potentially thousands of these potentially reeky insects. You may not know much about them but if you are a homeowner the Boxelder Bug can be a tough adversary to get rid of with conventional techniques, and you certainly do not want them constantly around young children and pets. Boxelder Bugs are typically half an inch long with distinctive black and red-orange colouration. They have a somewhat elongated, flat shape Read More +

The Importance of Professional Bed Bug Inspections in Toronto

Invest in hiring a bed bug inspector in Toronto to find out if you are dealing with a small or big bug infestation. Guessing if you are amidst a dangerous infestation can give you and your family unwanted anxiety and worries. When you suspect that you have a pest infestation at home, you are constantly worried about your furnishings, bedsheets, and mattresses. It’s a never-ending cycle of vacating the premises, washing everything at home, and packing and repacking your belongings. You can put an end Read More +