Ants again? It may be time to consider ant extermination

ant extermination

If your house is overrun with ants, you may require ant extermination to get rid of the problem. Ants usually invade for food that may be sugary or greasy. The following are several tips to help remove ants and keep them out!

Prevention: The best method to avoid an ant infestation is to have a clean house. The key is to keep places such as the kitchen tidy and free of any food that may be laying around. Barriers can also be created using salt or talc beneath doors and windows. Caulking is another method that can be used on windows or doors to eliminate any entry points.

DIY methods: There are several DIY methods available that can help eliminate smaller infestations. A good starting point is purchasing pest sprays and baited ant traps that use a mixture of sugars and ant poison to kill them. These sprays can be used outside of the house too, potentially blocking access all around the house.  However, it is important to note that these traps will not work on all type of ants. The ants should be first identified and then the right traps should be purchased.

Hire a professional: It is very important to hire a professional for large ant infestations. Professionals use proven methods to eliminate the colony itself. They usually start with laying bait traps that contain poison. This bait is then carried back to the nest by ants and once found, professionals can effectively eliminate the whole colony.

Again, though DIY solutions can cost significantly less than hiring a professional, it is only meant for ants that have not established a colony. DIY methods would not be effective in the long run and may end up costing as much as hiring a professional.  Hiring a professional can also provide the peace of mind and the guaranteed permanent results of the ant extermination.