Bed Bug Extermination in Hamilton and Why It’s in Demand

Although bed bugs are widespread pests in Southern Ontario, they are one of the most difficult to remove, thus the rise in the need for bed bug extermination in Hamilton. The best thing to do if your house or apartment is infested is to hire a professional exterminator to effectively eliminate all the bed bugs in your home or apartment.

You wouldn’t want any bed bugs in your home — no homeowner does! Whether you are living in your own house or renting an apartment or condominium, you don’t want to have to deal with them at all.  The tiny insects feed on human blood, and it’s not a very nice thought to have at bedtime is it, to have some creepy blood-sucking creature crawling up to you and dining on your blood while you are sleeping! It’s scary! It’s unhealthy!  It will make you restless and uneasy!

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A bed bug outbreak in your home can be downright awful. Imagine waking up at night feeling swollen and itchy all over and then rushing to the mirror to see a line of red welts all over your body. Imagine checking the bed and seeing bedbugs crawling under the sheets at night! Oh, the stress and worry of having your child getting bitten and having rashes on her face, arms, and stomach appearing from nowhere and having the doctors tell you that they don’t know what’s causing it. Or the embarrassment of receiving a nasty letter from your previous landlord blaming you for a bedbug infestation after moving out of the apartment.

These insects can wreak havoc on your home and your peace of mind!

Can Bed Bugs Cause Serious Health Issues?

You can lose some good night’s sleep, and if you keep getting less sleep night after night, sooner or later you may find you can’t function sufficiently during the day, or worse, you could develop a serious medical condition.

Although bed bugs are not known to carry any diseases to people, bed bugs may cause severe allergic reactions upon contact or create breaks in the skin from too much scratching that can turn into skin infections that may need medical attention.

In some homes where infestations are so terrible, homeowners are sometimes left with no other option to get rid of bed bugs but to destroy all their personal belongings for fear that the insects could migrate to other places in the residence.

Bed bugs in Hamilton, but also in general, make your home a source of stress and concern for people living in infested houses or apartments.

Is Getting Rid of Bed Bugs A DIY Project?

What’s more, it’s very complicated to eradicate bed bugs on your own. We’ve seen many cases of some homes that have had bed bugs for several months and the owners or tenants didn’t know it until it had gotten way out of hand.

We’ve dealt with bed bug infestations in many homes, apartments, and condominiums around communities in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, Burlington, and St. Catherine’s areas. And, each one of them has been more than challenging to exterminate, in many cases, we’ve had to do multiple fumigations and toss out furniture to get complete control of the situation.

The bed bug population is increasing in large numbers, especially in big cities where they’ve become rampant over the last ten years. Treating these pests is getting more and more complicated which is why many homeowners and businesses hire professionals to solve their bed bug problems.

One leading cause, of why it’s so hard to kill bed bugs nowadays, is that insecticides that have been commonly used to kill them are becoming less effective against them, according to this new study. Developing resistance to pesticides is not something new, says the study’s lead author, Ameya Gondhalekar, “The longer you use any product for the control of a particular pest, the more resistance issues you are going to have.”

And the pests get tougher to get rid of as they continue to evolve. As their population spread all around the world, their bodies adapt to human environments, and they gradually develop traits and habits that allow them to survive and become well suited for the urban lifestyle, which unfortunately includes resistance to some treatment methods.

Why Hire A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator?

More and more pest management professionals consider bed bugs as the most difficult pest to control. Nowadays, the industry is convinced that it will take more than just using chemical pesticides to solve a bed bug problem. Using over-the-counter insecticide sprays is no longer enough to kill bed bugs. There is a better chance of getting rid of all the bed bugs if insecticides are paired with non-chemical solutions such as silica gel and bed bug heat treatment in Hamilton.

A very critical step in controlling a bed bug infestation is early detection. If bed bugs are found early, it is much easier and cheaper to manage and monitor them than to handle hundreds that are too widespread.

If you suspect an infestation, it is best to get help from a professional bed bug exterminator in Hamilton as soon as possible. Treating the problem yourself could be ineffective, and you could only be helping the infestation to spread if treatments are not done right.

You really cannot afford to take time to treat a bed bug problem yourself.

For one, you could easily misidentify bedbugs. Other insects can be mistaken for bed bugs, such as the carpet beetle which is similar in shape, or spider beetles which have the same coloring as an adult bed bug.

Bed bug bites are also not an accurate indication that bed bugs are present on the property. A bed bug bite can be very similar to other insect bites such as mosquito bites, ant bites, or chigger or red bug bites which all look like reddish bumps on the skin.

Misidentification can be very costly. You would be wasting valuable time, giving the insects more time to spread to other areas of the property or hitchhike a ride to some new place or country to start a new infestation.

The only right way to detect the evidence of bed bugs in a home or building is to correctly identify bed bugs and their eggs right from the start and find other signs of an infestation such as blood spots on bedding and linens and fecal stains on furnishings and surrounding walls where they are hiding.

However, if it is just a low-level infestation and there are only a few numbers present,  it will be challenging to find and correctly identify the insects.

Modern bed bug control in Hamilton uses the help of bed bug dogs to help with the accurate identification of these pests in residential and commercial properties. Dogs naturally have a keen sense of smell and can detect different types of odors almost 10,000 times better than people. Paired with this natural instinct, dogs undergo specialized training to identify the specific scent of bed bugs accurately. As such, the trained bed bug dogs are able to recognize the distinctive smell of live bed bugs and eggs and tell them apart from dead bugs and their remains such as feces and shed skins.

Using bed bug dogs is a safe and environment-friendly method to inspect for bed bugs quickly and accurately. That’s why they’ve become our trusted partners in finding and removing these pests from any property we treat. In tandem with our dogs, our reliable bed bug exterminators will completely eliminate bed bugs in your home or business, regardless of where the bed bugs hide.

If you would like to find out more about bed bug dog inspection and what other methods we use in combination to treat bed bug infestations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide effective bed bug extermination in Hamilton to help control the outbreak on your property. If you suspect that you have a bed bug pest problem, our effective bed bug removal team will scout out the bed bugs in one day and rid your home of bed bugs and bed bug eggs. We guarantee you a return to a bed bug-free world, save your belongings, and give you back your peace of mind so you can sleep soundly at night without bed bugs that bite!