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Petty Pest Control Services is your go-to bed bug exterminator in Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington, and St. Catharines areas for all your bed bug control and emergency pest control needs. There is a war on bed bugs all around the world!

New research reveals that bed bug populations are increasing in numbers globally and infestations have risen by over 5000 percent all over the world since the year 2000. In the past year alone, pest control professionals reported that of the total cases that they have serviced almost 97 percent are for bed bug control treatments in homes and other properties.

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Bed Bug Exterminators find eggs and feces on a wooden bed slat

A wooden bed slat covered in bed bug eggs and feces.

Bed bug feeding on human skin.

Bedbug nymph feeding on human skin.

No doubt bed bugs won’t stop infesting homes and businesses anytime soon. These pesky little insects are multiplying rapidly and they’re getting so hard to kill by the day.

  1. The insects are extremely difficult to find. Bed bugs only crawl out at night to feed on human blood. You can’t see them in the morning. Their flat bodies allow them to hide in tiny cracks and crevices during the daytime such as inside mattresses, box spring encasements, bed frames, headboards, couches, recliners, and other places very close to sleeping areas.
  2. They’re also very small in size. Adult bedbugs can grow only up to 5mm long, that’s as tiny as an apple seed, and eggs and bed bug nymphs are just about the size of a pinhead. This makes them very hard to identify. In some cases,  bed bugs have been mistaken for swallow bugs and bat bugs which look almost the same and cause the same types of bites.
  3. Bed bugs multiply rapidly. A single adult female can lay two to five eggs per day, so it only takes a few months to have a heavy infestation at hand.
  4. They can travel around. These hitchhiking pests can easily stow away on clothing, in the seams and folds of luggage, briefcases, and backpacks, in shoes, pets, used furniture, etc, and spread from room to room or floor to floor within the dwelling or transported to different countries by travelers and their belongings.
  5. Also part of the problem is that bed bugs and their eggs are getting increasingly resistant to pesticides. Many of the products currently being sold for bed bug control may not be as effective and a combination of non-chemical methods such as heat treatments may need to be considered to eliminate bed bugs completely.

Bed bug populations could increase exponentially if left to thrive on your property.  A few bed bugs can turn into hundreds and hundreds and thousands more in just a short time and before you know it, your home or building is completely infested with bedbugs.

Petty Pest Control Services offers affordable bed bug extermination in Hamilton, Kitchener-Guelph, Waterloo, and surrounding areas to help homes and businesses eliminate bed bugs from their property. We provide the most cost-effective solution to detect where bed bugs hide and then apply the safest treatments to remove the infestation completely.

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Bed Bug Exterminator for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Finding bed bugs in your home has nothing to do with poor hygiene or poor sanitation! It takes only one-bed bug to hitch a ride on your clothing, furniture, suitcase, etc, and infest your home or building.

What’s worse is that they can live up to one year without drinking a drop of your blood. Depending on the conditions, bed bug nymphs can survive for months without feeding.

They can make you lose sleep at night, sitting in the middle of the bed paranoid that they’ll come crawling to suck up your blood.

When bed bugs bite, the itching and scratching can drive you crazy and all the rashes and blisters that may suddenly appear on your skin will make you think you’re getting seriously ill.

Reclaim your peace of mind with PPC Services’ discreet and effective live bed bug detection and removal!

A bed bug resurgence is in our midst, and these little pests do not discriminate. No home or building is immune to the presence of bed bugs.

It’s not true that bed bugs are only found in dirty and poorly kept homes or buildings. Even the cleanest home or building can have a bed bug problem.

These blood-sucking pests can be found anywhere  — in single-family homes, apartments/condominiums, hotels/motels, nursing homes, schools and daycare centers, offices, dorm rooms, shelters, hospitals, upscale homes, rental housing, and in public places such as movie theaters and libraries, and even in public transportation like cruise ships, buses, and trains.

Bedbugs are not seasonal pests and they only need human blood meals to survive, so they’ll keep coming back, again and again, to invade our homes and businesses if they’re not dealt with quickly.

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Signs of bed bug infestation

  • Do you have bite marks on the neck, hands, arms, and legs or any other body parts that form in a line?
  • Have you noticed blood stains on your bedding or pillowcases?
  • Can you spot dark fecal spots, egg shells, or shed skins in your bed, mattress, couch, or near areas where you are sleeping?
  • Can you see live bed bugs crawling on your bed or in the fold of mattresses and sheets?
  • Do you smell an unpleasant, musty odour that’s similar to the scent of coriander in your home?

Do-it-yourself methods such as using a vacuum cleaner to capture bed bugs can probably help to reduce a few of the critters that are within reach,  but it won’t likely catch the ones that the equipment is unable to reach. The only effective way to eliminate bed bugs on your property is by professional pest management. At PPC Services, we provide residential and commercial bed bug extermination to help protect your home and business from pesky bed bugs that bite. Our expert technicians use innovative pest management techniques to help detect where bed bugs are hiding and make sure to wipe them out completely so that every single bug is gone for good.

Bed Bug Control Hamilton

The key to killing bed bugs is early detection. It’s critical to catch bed bugs early and break their life cycles before they grow and become a big pest problem.

A thorough inspection of common areas where bed bugs hide will help detect any evidence of bed bugs in your home or building. At Petty Pest Control Services, bed bug detection dogs are our company’s #1 weapon in the crusade against these insects.

Bed bug dogs are highly trained to detect viable eggs and active insects in all stages of their life cycle. Boasting up to a 97% accurate detection rate, the bed bug dog is man’s best friend when it comes to locating and eradicating bed bug infestations.

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PPC Services offers effective and professional detection using Buddy, a NESDCA-certified detection dog. Buddy’s handlers are thoroughly trained, professionally certified, and highly knowledgeable. In practice, this extensive training and certification allow for fast, efficient, and effective bed bug detection. PPC Services offers accurate and reliable inspection services for both businesses and homes.

Following the detection process, PPC Services provides clients with a certificate of inspection. Buddy and his handlers have been trained to detect live bed bugs and viable eggs, distinguishing old infestations that may include dead bugs, fecal marks, cast skins, and empty eggs from active infestations. This way, failed extermination efforts can be readily detected. Visual inspections are inaccurate and can identify only the most obvious signs of infestation.

Since these pests are so adept at hiding, it is virtually impossible for a person to visually identify signs of early infestations — the very time when extermination tactics will have the highest efficacy. Bed bug sniffing dogs, however, and more specifically, beagles like Buddy, have been specially bred for centuries to harness their sense of smell. Their unique ability to smell even the faintest traces of scents makes them particularly suitable for bed bug detection.

Buddy is fully certified and his handlers have studied entomological and detection data from acknowledged and renowned bed bug experts. Once the bed bugs are detected, we use a treatment of dust application in all affected areas that kills bedbugs on contact to completely eliminate the infestation so that there won’t be any blood-sucking pests left to bite you when you’re sleeping!

For your residential and commercial bed bug control needs, call Petty Pest Control at (289) 439-4343. We offer affordable and reliable bed bug exterminators in Guelph, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, St. Catharine’s, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Simcoe, and nearby areas. We also provide immediate emergency pest control services anytime 24-7.

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