Bed Bugs and what to do about them

Infestations of Bed Bugs are up 5000 percent as are the number of reported attacks! The nightmare begins when a Bed Bug finds its way into your clothing; it usually happens at a hotel but can start anywhere.Hospitals, businesses, homes, buses, apartments, and hotels are just a few places where Bed Bugs are being reported.

It is said that Bed Bugs don’t transmit disease from feeding on your blood; however, an engorged Bed Bug can burst at the slightest bit of pressure exposing you to human blood. If that blood is infected, then you run a risk of infection as well.

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Finding Bed Bugs in your home has nothing to do with poor hygiene! It takes only one Bed Bug to hitch a ride on your clothing (furniture, suitcase, etc.) and infest a residence. One very common cause for Bed Bug infestation is picking up and using used furniture off the street. There is usually a reason why someone discards their furniture, so please be careful and inspect the furniture if you intend on using it.

If you find little black or white dots (eggs) – this could be an indication of the Bed Bug infestation. Do not take the furniture into your home if you notice this! Bed bugs can live up to one year without drinking a drop of your blood. Feeding takes about 10 to 15 minutes for adults and less for the nymphs; they feed about every three days. Depending on the conditions, Bed Bug nymphs can survive for months without feeding. Bed Bugs are insects, more specifically, ‘True Bugs’, which have piercing mouthparts used for feeding on plants.

Unfortunately, there are some species of bugs with mouthparts that have adapted to feed on human blood while inflicting very little pain (most never feel the blood feeding). The Bed Bug eggs are white and about 1mm long. The nymphs look like adults but are smaller. Complete development from egg to adult takes from four weeks to several months, depending on the temperature and amount of feed available.

What can you do once you notice an infestation?

Wash all mattress covers, bedding and clothing that may have come in contact in hot water and detergent. Dry with high heat: this will kill any remaining bedbugs. If your mattresses or bed frames have black spots as identified in the picture above, please contact us – we can address the infestation, save your furniture, and give you peace of mind.
How can PPC services help?

PPC service professionals will come in and complete a thorough investigation of your entire home. We first start with the mattresses, bedding and furniture. We use magnifying glasses to mark and identify bedbug infestations. If the mattresses, any furniture, or bed frames are mainly black, we do recommend discarding infested furniture immediately.

However, in most cases we can treat the home and remove the infestation.Our service professionals will first vacuum up any bed bugs that are in the mattresses, furniture or carpets. We then steam the mattresses, baseboards and furniture to kill any remaining bed bugs. Lastly, we treat the entire household including the mattress and bed frames with a dust that kills bedbugs on contact. Our success rate is extremely high; this is the most cost-effective method for treating and getting rid of bed bugs once and for all.