Halloween 2020

Hello Everyone!

Even though it is a day from Halloween, 2020 kind of feels like its been Halloween all year doesn’t it? I hope everyone is well in your home and businesses.

While we are in what seems to be the second wave of this pandemic, pests are still looking to find a nice winter home (namely yours).

Even if you are home more than you were pre-pandemic, Mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons will all be attempting to move in rent free.

Here are some signs that you should look for if you suspect that you have been invaded.

  1. Noise in the walls and/or attic. This can be scratching, fighting, or in the case of raccoons, the heavy sound as if you have a dog in your attic.
  2. Look at your roof, roof vents, eavestrough and soffits. If any of these are bent, destroyed or have holes, its a good bet that something has come through.
  3. Look at any holes on the outside of the home. Is there a black residue around it? If there is it’s a good indication of a rodent getting in. The black residue is oil from the animal’s fur.
  4. How close are your tree branches to your home? If they are within 6 feet, both squirrels and raccoons can jump that far to get onto your roof. (I know but it’s true).

If any of these are happening, please give us a call to help.