As the locals say, “Bed bugs are constant in Hamilton.” Fortunately, the bed bug heat treatment method in Hamilton is able to completely eradicate bed bug infestations in any home or building in just a few hours with just one application.


Nothing can make a house, apartment or condo more uncomfortable and unhealthy as a bed bug infestation. These relentless pests don’t discriminate. They feed on human blood and as long as there’s a human that’s sleeping, these critters will attack.

These pests get into homes and buildings by hitchhiking on clothes, suitcases, second-hand beds and bedding, furniture, and other items. They find dark cracks or crevices to occupy and make it their home. With their mating and eating habits, infestations can quickly grow and spread, and they can become notoriously difficult to eradicate.

It’s important to have an infestation eliminated as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. An effective pest management system can fix any bed bug problem with optimum results.

  • Kill 100% of bed bugs in your home or apartment
  • Affordable, less-invasive extermination
  • One day with just one treatment elimination
  • No use of pesticides
  • Safe for your home, family, and the environment


Hamilton has seen a high level of infestation in the city in recent years. The problem in Hamilton is so pervasive that local health officials declared it was “nearing an epidemic”.

Infestations in Hamilton mostly originate from its denser housing types. Infestations are spreading widely throughout multi-unit buildings like condos, apartments and even world-class hotels have reported bed bug problems. These pesky bugs may easily avoid treatment by running off to surrounding apartments or housing structures.

The city of Hamilton does not have a unique problem. These tiny insects are found everywhere — and have been spreading widely across North America particularly in cities with higher population densities like Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

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Heat Treatment is the quickest, safest and most cost-effective way to completely get rid of bed bugs. When done properly, this method has a 100% success rate.

Bed bugs thrive in cooler temperatures. They prefer to be in an environment around 70-80℉, where they are able to reproduce very quickly at a great rate and live on through growth stages – from eggs to nymphs to adults. That’s why they like to hide in crevices in walls, floors, bed frames, bedding, furniture – usually within a few feet of a human where they can easily have a blood meal.

Heat treatment is effective because it can penetrate cold spots in the home. Every room has cold spots:

  • Cracks, leaks, holes in walls, windows and floors
  • Small gaps between the bottom of the door and the frame
  • Gaps inside furniture, which are protected from circulating air and contain cooler air
  • In seams, folds and crevices of the mattress, box spring, bed frame and headboard
  • Storage areas
  • Behind wallpaper and under the edge of carpets
  • Cracks and crevices in electrical outlets

Heat permeates everything, far better than pesticides. That’s why it’s a better method of control for killing bed bugs.

Heat can penetrate through furniture and mattresses, in cracks as small as nail indentations thus making it difficult for these pests to hide.

Most important of all, heat kills not just the adult bugs but is also able to destroy their eggs and larvae, ensuring that there won’t be a reoccurrence.

By using heat, no toxins or chemicals are released, which makes this method a 100% eco-friendly alternative to the use of pesticides.


Heat causes the DNA breakdown of the bug’s cells. Once temperatures reach about 45 degrees Celsius the bugs stop functioning properly. Professional bed bug heat treatments aim for temperatures over 48° C in order to kill the pests quickly and more thoroughly, giving them no time to escape.

Expert bed bug pest control in Hamilton involves sealing the area and using portable industrial heaters to create multiple heat sources and heat the entire house evenly to 45 degrees Celsius or higher. This temperature will have the greatest effect on penetrating cold spots in the home and killing all the bugs at every stage of life.

Maintaining this extreme temperature for several hours is required in order to fully penetrate every cold spot where it’s possible for some bed bugs to hide and survive. Cold spots tend to be where bed bugs hide most of the time. These cooler places, like under the mattress and inside gaps in bed furniture, most often avoid the worst of the heat.

The success rate of bed bug heat treatment highly depends on two things:

  1. How high the temperature can be raised to kill every single bug and their eggs, and
  2. How well the heat is maintained to reach the cold spots of the room.

The DIY heat treatment cannot possibly recreate this process to raise the temperature and maintain it in order to successfully kill bed bugs. Not to mention, there are various things that can go wrong during a heat treatment. It is best to have professional exterminators do the job right to ensure all areas are treated safely and effectively.

Make sure to carefully research the company that you intend to use. Take the time to go online and read the local pest control exterminators’ reviews and see what people say about the company’s success rate. You’ll save a lot of time and money when you use the best exterminator in Hamilton that can provide chemical-free extermination services that are safe for your home, family, and the environment.


At Petty Pest Control, we are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario to provide quality and affordable bed bug heat treatment and extermination services in Hamilton. Instead of using chemicals to poison and kill these pests, our bed bug heat treatment in Hamilton relies on temperatures that exceed 113°F to kill bed bugs in every stage of life and completely eradicate even the most well-hidden bugs.