Introduction of Preparation Services

Issue: are you a landlord or a homeowner with a bedbug or cockroach issue?

Situation: your tenant is unable (or unwilling) to properly prepare for treatment?

Solution: Preparation Services from Petty Pest Control

What do we do?

  1. We will come in to give you an estimate of the hours required and if any additional services are required (ie laundry).
  2. We come in, bag any items that are required to be cleaned up or sent out for laundry.
  3. We vacuum the whole unit or home including all furniture, removing a lot of the offending critters immediately. We look at the curtains, look underneath pictures to find exactly where your infestation is, and physically remove it.
  4. We steam all the furniture, killing bedbugs and helping to disinfect furniture.
  5. We remove all outlet covers that we can reach, so we can dust the outlets when we treat.

This preparation service greatly reduces the chances of re-infestation, or allowing a badly infested unit from spreading infestations to adjoining units.

We use our own staff, this is not a farmed out service.

If you are having to constantly retreat units, it may not be the treatment. It’s probably the preparation before treatment that is causing you to have to keep reintroducing harmful chemicals to the environment where you or you tenants live.

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