How to Deal with Termite Infestation: Prevention and Treatment

You should not wait for termite infestations to take over your home or building. Treat your home and exterminate them as early as possible. One of the first things you should do is look for signs that you have an existing termite infestation on the property. Once you identify the infestation and the kind of termites your home has, it’s time to look for the best treatment to use. Even with existing DIY solutions, it is advised to always call professionals first. It’s because DIY Read More +

Understanding Termite Damage and Its Impact on Homes

Any home or building can suffer from termite damage and it gets worse when you don’t notice it beforehand. Termites can ruin foundations when left alone for long and this would cost you thousands compared to hiring a professional termite control service. Pests are dangerous when they start forming an infestation. When you have unwanted infestations scattered throughout your property, it will be harder to remove them. That’s why it matters that you spot the pests as early as possible. Some people opt to use Read More +

The Importance of Termite Treatment for Homeowners

It can be challenging to keep your home clean and sturdy at all times and termites always pose a risk. That’s why you have to invest in proper termite treatment. Depending on how old the home is, it will always need maintenance and repair. One of the most critical things you have to keep an eye out for is termites. Even if you don’t see any evidence of termites in your home, you have to still check. It’s because they can be hiding in the Read More +

What Is the Best Bait for Mice?

Just what is the best bait for mice? If this is your first time encountering a mouse infestation in your home or building, you might have trouble looking for the best lure. Baits for mouse traps can vary depending on what you have available at home. Having a mouse infestation needs immediate attention since the longer you leave the problem alone, the worse it gets. Having unwanted mice on the property is one of the most common domestic and commercial pests in many places. Despite Read More +

Understanding the Hibernation Patterns of Mice

How do mice hibernate in the winter? Some animals are popularly known for their hibernation patterns, but did you ever wonder if mice also do this? In a way, rodents go through a state of winter torpor. This is when they conserve energy when the cold months roll in. Is winter torpor the same as hibernation? This happens to rodents when they have a significant drop in their body temperature. Their metabolic rate is also affected, making them able to survive the cold without having Read More +

Choosing the Right Mouse Traps for Effective Control

There are plenty of options available for mouse traps if you want to use them as control measures. They are available in various types and sizes that could fit any corner of a room. Choosing the best one depends on what type of place you live in and how you want to catch the mice. The main goal of these lures is to remove the infestation from your home as much as possible. This is what most people do before they’ve called a pest control Read More +

10 Tips on How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

There are many ways to get rid of mice and you want to go with the option that is safe and secure. There have been pest management processes that use harmful chemicals and you want to avoid using those services. It’s because harmful chemicals not only damage your home but residue from the pest control process could affect the people living in the area. There are many ways that you can avoid putting yourself and your family at any health risk. Choosing the right pest Read More +

The SNEAKY Boxelder Bug is looking for a warm home this winter!

As the cold winter approaches, your home could be the target of an army of hundreds, potentially thousands of these potentially reeky insects. You may not know much about them but if you are a homeowner the Boxelder Bug can be a tough adversary to get rid of with conventional techniques, and you certainly do not want them constantly around young children and pets. Boxelder Bugs are typically half an inch long with distinctive black and red-orange colouration. They have a somewhat elongated, flat shape Read More +

The Importance of Professional Bed Bug Inspections in Toronto

Invest in hiring a bed bug inspector in Toronto to find out if you are dealing with a small or big bug infestation. Guessing if you are amidst a dangerous infestation can give you and your family unwanted anxiety and worries. When you suspect that you have a pest infestation at home, you are constantly worried about your furnishings, bedsheets, and mattresses. It’s a never-ending cycle of vacating the premises, washing everything at home, and packing and repacking your belongings. You can put an end Read More +

Finding the Best Bed Bug Exterminator in Toronto: Tips and Tricks

If you want to hire a bed bug exterminator in Toronto, you must choose a company that has the services you’re looking for. When dealing with bed bugs, ensure that the pest control service has extermination methods specifically for these bugs. One good thing about bed bugs is that they don’t directly transmit diseases to people. However, they can be very annoying, and their infestations in your home can become uncomfortable. When these pests bite your skin, they can leave ugly red marks and even Read More +