Petty Pest Control Services Introduces Heat Treatment for Bedbugs

Folks, you have asked, and now we deliver!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Petty Pest Control Services is now including heat treatment to our arsenal in the fight against bedbugs. After fielding numerous requests from our customers for heat treatment, we have decided the time is now.

Powerful and Precise Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service

So…why heat treatment? Even when I see something like a new type of TV, my first thought is to get the new shiny toy. I have grown older I realize that the new toy doesn’t always work as advertised.

I feel that it was the same with heat treatment. A lot of different ways to deliver heat to an infested home have been used in the past, and unfortunately, some have destroyed more than just the bedbugs.

Heat is the best way to kill bed bugs – that’s been consistently proven in the past. Not only will it kill live bed bugs, but bed bug eggs as well. What’s unique with the foolproof design of our Heat Treatment bed bug equipment is its accuracy and precision. Heat temperatures of 145°F or higher is directed towards the walls and the temperature is quickly raised to immediately kill the bedbugs. This ensures that the heat will remain in the target area and that no bedbugs will escape. No more bed bugs and no damage to your home, family, or the environment!

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Non-chemical and Non-toxic Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

Our bed bug heat treatment is more precise and accurate than other heat treatments, and certainly more effective than the use of insecticides which often repel insects. It’s 100% environmentally safe and non-toxic to humans and household pets.
Chemical fumigation and toxic insecticide sprays are widely used to evict bed bugs from homes and buildings, exposing pest control operators, homeowners, children, tenants and pets to poisonous fumes. On top of that, bed bugs have become more and more immune to insecticide treatments. As a result, higher doses of chemicals must be used to achieve the same effect, increasing the risks to our health and environment.

At Petty Pest Control Services, we are at the forefront of pest management technology with our bed bug heat treatment. Our heat treatment for bed bugs is an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic treatment option without the use of chemicals. It is the safest and most effective bed bug eradication method that exists today.

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Highly Effective Bed Bug Heat Extermination

Bed bugs hide in places where chemical sprays are likely not able to reach – inside clothing and shoes, in suitcases and boxes, in mattresses and box springs, in wall cracks and crevices, inside heat vents, in light switches and electrical boxes, behind picture frames, underneath carpeting. This makes them hard to reach by chemical treatments as insecticide fumes may likely breakdown before it can even reach their nesting place. At worse, these treatments may temporarily flush bed bugs out of their locations and cause them to move to new hiding places. As it is unlikely all the bed bugs will be killed in the initial chemical treatment, a second and even third treatment may be necessary.

At PPC Services. the incredible temperatures of our bed bug heat extermination system completely eradicates existing bed bugs at all stages of life including the eggs in a single-application heat solution.

  • No more waiting for the eggs to hatch.
  • You don’t need 2-3 visits from the pest management professional.
  • Only one treatment and all the bed bugs at every stage of life will be killed.

Best Bed Bug Heat Treatment Technology

At Petty Pest Control Services, we use the propylene glycol heat extermination system. This Canadian-made heating treatment for bed bugs delivers the most consistent and controlled supply of heat for the most effective and safest way to get rid of bed bugs.

Find out more about this heat technology.

Bed bugs have nowhere to hide from our heat extermination system. Powerful heating units (HTF’s) are strategically placed throughout the home or building. The non-toxic heat transfer fluid (propylene glycol) is heated in a 20 foot insulated trailer outside the home or building using two 250,000 BTU burners.

The heat transfer fluid cycles through the hoses that are connected to the heater units that are placed throughout your home or apartment, supplying heat to the home and back to the heat trailer outside to be heated up again. The heat build-up is quick so we can start killing bedbugs faster and be out of your home faster as well.

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We heat your home up to an average temperature of 62°C (145°F), closely monitoring the temperatures using heat-sensing equipment throughout the day to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed to every corner in each room and that there are no cool spots. The high temperature is maintained for several hours to make sure that the heat penetrates every nook and cranny where bed bugs can possibly hide in the room – furniture, mattresses, box springs, baseboards, walls, cracks, crevices.

Bed Bugs

Our system can eradicate bedbugs in buildings up to 30 floors.

PPC Services’ non-toxic, chemical-free technology is the most effective and safest heating treatment for bed bugs solution on the market today!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services

At Petty Pest Control, we provide a safe, reliable method that delivers bed bug removal quickly, safely and effectively. Our affordable heat treatment services are ideal for homes and businesses in Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, St. Catherines, Stoney Creek and other nearby communities.

Call us now at (289) 439-4343 and we will get rid of all the bed bugs in your home, apartment or office once and for all.

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