Preparation: The key to successful pest control

Petty Pest Control logoI can’t stress it enough: the key to successful pest control is preparation! 

In the last several weeks, I have come across several instances where I’ve gone to treat apartment units for either bedbugs or cockroaches. I supply the property managers and/or the landlords with preparation sheets for treatment. For example, I went to do a bedbug treatment where the tenant was complaining about bedbugs in the couch, chair and bed. When I went in the tenants big-screen TV was sitting in the middle of the couch, and other items were sitting smack in the middle of the chair.

Well Jim, why don’t you just move these things? First of all in some apartments it be extremely difficult to move them anywhere. Secondly what if I drop them? Who is liable for the damage? All it really takes is common sense. If I’m treating your place for bedbugs, anyplace that you sit or sleep need to be clear of your clothing and other items. If I’m treating your place for cockroaches, your kitchen cupboards need to be totally cleaned out because I will not spray dust or bait where there is food or plates or cutlery.

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The sheets contain information on what the tenant or owner needs to do to help us reach the common goal, which is the elimination of the pests that are within your home.

What I find some of the time is that the sheets are either ignored or only partially followed. Then the results are inevitable, we get a call from the landlord or the manager telling us that the problem is not entirely eliminated. And to be honest they typically don’t dig what I tell them in reply, that the units were not prepared properly and when I invoice I do not put in my typical warranty.

I fully understand that preparing for pest control treatment can take a large amount of time, depending upon what’s in your home or apartment, to get rid of the offending pests in your home it is imperative that the owner or tenant take the time to prepare properly. Without proper preparation, a partial extermination or failure totally is entirely possible.

Just like other things in life that require some work, cleaning and preparing your home for insect and/or mice pest control treatment is imperative for your success.

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