Rat infestation in Hamilton is likely to grow

Rat infestation in Hamilton likely to growThe rat infestation in Hamilton has become a growing problem in the area which is likely to get worse. Calls reporting rat problems to Hamilton Public Health have doubled compared to last year. In 2014, rat complaint calls had reached 121, whereas there were 58 in 2013 and 36 in 2012.

Construction is one of the major sources of the increased rat infestation along with the weather. It’s a fact that when there is a dig, rats will try to seek shelter elsewhere, resulting in more people seeing them. In addition, food being left out for cats and birds is adding to the problem. Rats will return as well as attract others to areas that have a food source. Homeowners are advised not to leave food out for any animals. Doing so will attract these unwanted pests.

Rats should not be tackled as a single rat problem, every rat found necessitates the need for rat removal services. When one rat is found, there is likely more lingering around. Female rats can start breeding two months after giving birth, having an average of approximately four litters per year. Each birth can average as many as six babies. Their ability to breed quickly results in huge rat infestations.

In Hamilton, rat infestations are an ever-growing problem that could continue to get worse within the next few years. The city is doing what it can to help solve the problem, but it could take time until we begin to see a decline in these pests in the Hamilton region. We advise all residents in the Hamilton region to take precautionary measures to avoid having a rat infestation in their homes, and this is where rat control services come in. Our company specializes in pest control and will provide suggestions and get a hold of our services with our rat exterminators to those affected by the infestations.