Skunk removal and prevention tips

Almost anyone can rskunk after skunk removalecognize a skunk when they see one. This black and white mammal can spray a highly odorous fluid when threatened, which can be significantly difficult to eliminate. Below is a list of tips that can help you with your skunk problems.

The best and most effective way to removing a skunk is to trap it and then release it elsewhere. There are a few things you should keep in mind when setting up a skunk trap.

  1. Set your traps in high-skunk activity areas and use marshmallows or cat food for bait.
  2. Make sure to set the trap in a shaded area.
  3. Once a skunk is captured and released, relocate the trap at least 10 miles away from the captured site.

Keep in mind that not all skunk problems have to be resolved by trapping the animal. Individuals can implement different tips to prevent skunks from coming onto their property.

  1. Install a fence around the property you do not want it to enter. A skunk will not be able to make its way around or through the fence, making it a highly effective skunk prevention method.
  2. Use natural repellents such as citrus fruit peels, predator urine, or even spices such as cayenne pepper to keep them away. Many wild animals do not like the smell of citrus fruits including skunks, therefore, you can spread the citrus fruit peel around the areas a skunk has been which will help prevent them from returning.
  3. Clean your yard and secure all garbage cans. Skunks look for areas that have readily available food sources such as food in your trash cans. If your yard is clean and garbage cans are secure, skunks are less likely to return. Having food that is easily accessible for these mammals will result in them returning regularly.
  4. Another effective way to prevent skunks from entering your property is by setting up specialized critter sprinklers which are motion-activated. These sprinklers can be set up near an area where you do not want any skunks. They will help solve your skunk problems safely and humanely, but on the other hand, the sprinklers may trigger the skunk to spray its scent.

If you are unable to resolve your skunk removal problems in Toronto, we will gladly assess your situation and provide recommendations or services to satisfy your pest control needs.