Termite control is best left to the professionals

termites in home before termite control

Is termite control necessary?

Termite control is necessary in order to avoid extensive damage to wood, paper, books, insulation, and filtration systems done by termites. The highest concern is for homes and thus buyer/sellers have termite inspections as part of sale agreements. Thousands of termites can cause a frustrating experience as they eat away at people’s most precious investment.

Which treatment and products are most effective?

The treatment of termites can seem like a long and dreadful process but by choosing the most effective option, it can make the process much easier. Generally, there are two categories of treating termites which include soil-applied liquid termiticides and termite baiting. Soil-applied liquid termiticides is an option that people have been using for decades. It does not allow termites in the ground to enter buildings by creating a chemical barrier, which can last a long time. Seeing that the termites are unable to return to the soil, the termites mostly die. In previously used products, the primary goal was to repel the termites in comparison to more recent products that are more lethal. The newer products like Premise®, Termidor®, and Phantom® are non-repellents, which are proving to be much more reliable in resolving the termite problem many people face in the first effort.

The second treatment option that is used to treat termites is termite baiting. The bait mainly contains paper, cardboard, or other edible foods and it is added to a substance that is lethal to termites. The usual setting where the bait is set up is in plastic stations in the shape of a cylinder in the yard. Termites tend to devour the bait, which allows for a continuing decline in the number of termites over time. The method of treatment you choose would be dependent on the property you need to be treated. In some cases, the termite baiting alone is enough to treat it but on other properties the baiting may need to be combined with a liquid termiticides.

Can I treat the problem myself?

Unfortunately getting rid of termites requires special skills. The building construction structure is a crucial point that has to be identified to find the entry points that termites use. These points are typically hidden or very difficult to access without special tools and resources. Major tools such as drills, pumps, hundreds of gallons of treatment chemicals are some resources used by professionals to block entry points around the foundation of the house.

Simply put, if the infestation is away from the foundation of the house, an average person can possibly treat a small area. Otherwise, professionals should be hired for successful termite control.