Tips to remove wild animals without harming them

Wild animals can damage your property and can harm you, if proper caution is not taken. In order to protect your family and your home, here are a few tips:

wild animal - possum

Put up a fence:
Huge number of animals are attracted  to garden plants and flowers. In order to prevent damage from wild animals, consider constructing a fence. They can be relatively inexpensive and last for a long time.

Use non-toxic chemical repellants:

Non-toxic chemicals are usually more expensive than the other chemicals but they work well in a lot of cases. There are many options of non-toxic that you can buy from the store for the temporary relief of wild animals.

Remove the animal:

Lastly if you encounter any wild animals which is hard to remove a skunk for example under your porch or an aggressive groundhog then the most effective way is to destroy the nesting area safely or relocating the animals.  Make sure you are doing everything under the regulations of your city and have a full permission.

Get help from us:

Contact Petty Pest Control Services if you are having problems with wild animals. We are licensed company and remove wild animals in the most environmentally friendly way.