Ultimate Guide: How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Canada

One of the best ways how to get rid of cockroaches in Canada is to call professionals for help. Some people are reluctant to hire pest control services because they feel it’s more costly, but it’s the opposite. When you are hiring professionals, you are removing the infestations from its core and ensuring they never return.

DIY cockroach treatments might sound cheaper, but they won’t be able to remove all infestations from your property. These are temporary solutions which means that the infestations could return just after a few weeks.

Hiring experts would be the best option if you need quick and sure results. You only have to choose which pest control service to work with and know what type of treatment to use. Pest control usually conducts inspections of your property before recommending any treatment.

Ways to Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are just like other pests who are constantly looking for food and water. This means you will eventually find them in your kitchen and even in the bathroom and basement. These are insects that will look for crumbs on the ground that they can eat.

A good thing to remember is that by cutting off resources that the insects rely on, you are making your property inhospitable to infestations. Some simple ways that you can deal with insects like these would be to clean up your surroundings.

If you have spilled food, wipe it off the counters or sweep it off the floor. When you have extra food or leftovers, store them in sealed containers. In case you have pets, don’t give them too much food where it would be left out in their pet bowls. Only put out food that is of the necessary size for your pets. Make sure that you also wash your dishes regularly and that leaks from your faucets, toilets and roofs are fixed immediately.

Sanitizing the Surroundings

Cockroaches reproduce quickly as they can lay about 120 to 320 eggs in their lifetime. They can live for 100 to 200 days which is why it makes it next to impossible to remove them all if you are not using any expert methods.

Professional pest control companies have advanced treatments that could effectively find and catch cockroaches before they start spreading. You will have to talk with the company and decide which of their treatments you wish to use for your property.

Using Glue Traps

This is one of the easiest traps to set for these insects. You only have to put glue on the traps and place it in locations where the pests hide or pass through. The trap will then catch these bugs to where you can find them and remove them from the property.

The downside is if you have a huge infestation in the area, glue traps won’t be enough to catch them all. You will need to create more traps or use other methods that can quickly trap more cockroaches compared to the glue traps.


Just like cleaning your surroundings, regular vacuuming is a must to remove pests on your property. Being able to vacuum regularly will remove food crusts, debris, insect feces and egg shells from your floors.

You can choose more than one removal method to make pest removal move faster. This means you can use traps and at the same time vacuum areas where the insects are hiding regularly. The effectiveness of this solution depends on how good your vacuum is or how well you can vacuum places that the insects are hiding in.

Using Gel Baits

This is one of the most effective traps for cockroaches, you are placing a bait on the trap to lure in the bugs. Once the bugs enter the trap they take the gel bait and then return to their nests. The bait contains insecticides which could later kill the bug that ingested it.

Once the bug dies, the other insects will consume it, thus spreading the insecticide throughout the rest of the population. Gel baits can be complicated to set up, which is why you most likely need the aid of pest control services.

Using Foggers or Bombs

It might be tempting to try these methods, but they are not very effective. The pesticides in the bombs could get sprayed into the air and cover every part of the property. You want to target specific hiding areas, which is why setting off insecticides all over your property isn’t a good idea.

Using pesticides could also be harmful to your pets and other people living in the area. That’s why, as much as possible, you want to control the use of these chemicals. It’s even more dangerous if someone who has no background in pest control handles the chemicals.

Calling the Professionals

The best way to deal with pests is to always call for pest control services. They will do the hard work for you and they will do it quickly. Time is important when dealing with infestations. It’s because the longer that you let the infestation spread, the more difficult and costly it will be to remove them.

Once you spot a cockroach on your property,  call pest control services. Have them inspect your property to see whether there are already certain areas where the infestation has started. You want to make sure that you can still protect parts of your property that haven’t been infested by these bugs.

Choosing the Right Pest Control Company

If you want to effectively remove all the bug infestations from your property, you have to pick the best pest control company. You can do this by writing down the requirements you want to see from a pest control service. Try to check things such as their experience, their portfolio, and their specialties.

Knowing how the company works will help you determine whether they are suitable for the infestation issues you have on your property. You can always list down more than one company to choose from, and later on, decide which one you want to contact first.

Every pest control company will offer consultations wherein you can discuss the infestation situation you have. The company will then schedule a visit to the property in question to conduct inspections and determine which treatment will be suitable for use. These simple ways will help you know how to get rid of cockroaches in Canada.