Warranties And Why I’m Struggling With Them

Hello folks!

It’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to speak to you.

First off, may everyone have a great 2017!

Now to the business at hand, and straight up it’s a topic that I have struggled with since I started this business.

That is the warranty. Specifically, I’m speaking to bedbug and cockroach warranties.

Why am I struggling, you may ask?

It really boils down to this, that for all the wonderful customers that I have (of which I’m blessed by many long-time customers!), we are at the mercy of their tenant (or sometimes the owner themselves) to properly prepare a unit.

Now, there are times where a tenant genuinely cannot prepare a unit for treatment. We know this and we will work hard with the landlord/owner to get someone to help them out. There are agencies that provide those services or grants to allow you to hire professional cleaners.

My main concern lies with those tenants that simply do not prepare (for whatever reason) well for treatment. Yet I am asked to still warranty my work.

Let’s not kid anyone, preparation is time consuming and at times, difficult. Yet it is vital that it be done to the best of the owner/tenants ability, then I can do my job to the best of my ability.

If prepared properly, warranty is not an issue. I will come and retreat no questions asked.

The struggle is trying to keep good customers happy when their tenants do not abide by the preparation sheets supplied. Unfortunately the law is so terribly skewed to the side of the tenant, that owners have little recourse in regards to tenants demands regarding infestations no matter what the tenant has or has not done regarding preparation for treatment. Numerous times I have had to discuss with city officials what the conditions of the unit that’s has been treated, and why it has not worked. I would really like the see these agencies step up and tell able bodied tenants to clean these properly for treatment. Then perhaps we can get a handle on the situation.

Some of my fellow pest control professionals absolutely refuse to give any warranty. I don’t want to be in that position. But it is not fair to ask for one when tenants do not do their end.

Not sure that there is a right or wrong answer to this question.

Please feel free to post any insight that you may have on this subject.

Have a great day.