What You Need To Know About Cockroach Removal in Kitchener

Find out why cockroaches like your home, what do they bring to your home, and learn about effective cockroach removal to get rid of them.

Every family in Kitchener deserves a safe and pest-free home, hence, cockroach removal in Kitchener has been one of the primary issues that the area is facing nowadays. A clean and pest-free home promotes a healthy family. Pests such as cockroaches can spread bacteria to your home and therefore can cause diseases. Children are prone to diseases that these pests may cause. When you have children, the more you need to be cautious about these pests and the more you need a home that’s free from cockroaches, bed bugs, and the like.

What Do Cockroaches Bring To Your Home?

Cockroaches are among the most common causes of allergic reactions. About 20 to 60 percent of people living in urban areas have reported allergies caused by cockroaches. Some symptoms of these allergies are redness and itching of the skin. Some have also resulted in severe asthma.

Cockroaches defecate on your food, hence, they can also spread bacteria to your home which may eventually develop to bacterial infection. These pests can cause contamination of your food. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria found in cockroaches may be transmitted to your family. Another bacteria that can be spread by cockroaches is the Salmonella which can cause food poisoning or diarrhea. Cholera, an acute diarrheal infection, is also caused by the intake of food and drinks contaminated by vomit and feces of cockroaches.

Typhoid fever is also one of the diseases that are transmitted through cockroaches. This disease is caused by taking human waste infected with Salmonella typhi bacteria. Another disease that is caused by cockroaches is Dysentery, a kind of gastroenteritis that results in blood in the feces. Dysentery can be transmitted by eating food that is contaminated by these insects.

Why Cockroaches Come To Your Home?

Cockroaches can be so irritating especially when you see them flying, creeping over your food, and even just a sight of them, they would just get into your nerves. Therefore, it is beneficial that you know what would attract them to your home so that you would know how to prevent them from coming. Cockroaches get attracted to your homes because of the following reasons:


Cockroaches are scavengers. They get attracted to human food. Therefore, when you have leftover food at your table or any other open areas, you are unknowingly welcoming cockroaches to your home. To help prevent them from coming to your home, store your food in covered containers or keep them in the fridge. In addition, make sure that you wash your dirty
dishes, otherwise, they will crawl on your plates and utensils to take in your leftovers.


The smell of your organic waste will attract not only cockroaches but also all other pests to your home. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep your garbage out of the house. Dispose of your waste properly and regularly. If it’s not possible for you to keep your trash out, make sure that you properly seal it to prevent its odor from coming out.


Like humans and animals, cockroaches also need water to survive. They seek places that have water, just enough to feed them and not too much to drown them. Therefore, they get attracted to damp areas of your house such as the kitchen sinks, floors, and bathrooms. They also go to areas that are not well-maintained. Hence, if possible, always keep these areas clean and dry for them not to have any reason to stay.

Dark Areas of the Home

Dark areas such as cupboards and cabinets under the sink are favorite hiding places of cockroaches. Therefore, make sure that these areas are well-maintained and if possible, well illuminated. When your rooms are well-illuminated, you will be able to monitor any hiding places that they make, preventing them from coming and roaming around your home.

Dead Cockroaches

Whether you believe it or not, cockroaches are also attracted to dead insects and other cockroaches’ corpses. Hence, after you spray pesticides, make sure that you get rid of the killed insects to prevent cockroaches from coming.

What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Every parent wants their children to be safe and healthy. Cockroaches have to be exterminated to prevent diseases that these pests can bring. Getting rid of these insects would also prevent other insects from coming to your home. A pest-free home will give you and your family peace of mind and a healthy body.

However, sometimes, infestations of cockroaches cannot be stopped. Sometimes, these unwanted guests just get into your homes so easily. Preventing cockroaches from coming to your home may be difficult, however, cockroach removal can be done. Here are some things you can do to get rid of them:

Always keep your home clean. Vacuum your floors regularly so that crumbs will be removed. Cockroaches would love the grease on your dishes and stoves, therefore, make sure that you wash your dishes after use and clean up the mess in your kitchen to avoid providing cockroaches with a source of food.

Furthermore, cockroaches cannot live without water for a week. Keeping your home dry most of the time would keep them away. Moreover, never allow cockroaches to have access to your food. Keep your food sealed. Don’t leave fruits uncovered or on open areas as these may attract these pests as well.

Regular spraying of insecticide around your home would also be a great help. However, this method should be done with care. You have also to make sure to keep the insecticide bottle out of your children’s reach.

If cockroaches seem uncontrollable despite the effort you’ve made to get rid of them, seeking professional help from pest control providers would be a great idea. In Kitchener, there are several pest control service providers that offer cockroach removal. These pest control service providers make cockroach removal in Kitchener as seamless as possible.