Using bed bug heat treatment in Toronto is the best and safest method for exterminating bed bugs. It is the only proven method that’s 100% effective in getting rid of these pests and their eggs, which is the root cause of bed bug infestations. The result is the complete eradication of the infestation in any home or commercial property using just one single procedure!


Heat treatment, technically known as Thermal Remediation, is one of the safest solutions to eliminating bed bugs as it does not require the application of pesticides. The use of specialized machines that emit dry electronic heat kills all life cycles of a bed bug and prolonged exposure helps ensure all bugs are killed within your home.

Why Not Use Pesticides for Bed Bug Removal?

The use of heat to kill bed bugs has only been introduced into the pest management industry in recent years. Pest control companies in Canada have relied on the use of strong pesticides & chemical fumigation in the past. However, exposure to chemical fumes can be harmful to humans, especially children.

According to a CDC report, illnesses resulting from the use of pesticides involved:

  • Headache and dizziness,
  • Pain while breathing,
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nausea and vomiting, and
  • Serious complications, even death, for those with a history of heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and depression.

This is why public health agencies do not recommend the do-it-yourself treatment for bed bug infestations. Professional bed bug exterminator services would know what’s involved from the correct identification of the pests to the range of treatment options available for extermination. The expert knowledge and experience of trained Toronto bed bug exterminators will go a long way towards ensuring a safe and long-term solution to your problem.

The chemicals used for bed bug pest control not only pose a risk to your health, but also to the environment. Once dispersed, they make their way through drainage systems to vegetation and other animals. Exposure to chemicals can create mutations and other adverse effects that can have widely differing consequences for the environment.

Also, as bed bugs evolve, they are developing an immunity to the chemicals. Pest controllers are forced to increase the dosage and concentration to toxic levels and even then it’s not guaranteed that a particular infestation can be completely exterminated. Any bugs that survive chemical fumigation can develop a tolerance of the pesticide and can increase their resistance to other forms of chemical control. Once they develop a “resistant strain”, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and they may continue to infest your home.

Why Heat Kills Bed Bugs?

Fortunately, these days heat treatment is proving to be a better and safer alternative to combating the blood-sucking parasites. Unlike chemical treatments, killing bed bugs with heat is totally safe, healthy, and pesticide-free.

Chemical fumigation requires meticulous preparation for cleaning and removal, heat treatment on the other hand saves time and effort. The process is faster, you don’t have to leave the house for a long period of time. In most cases, the household can get settled again in a couple of hours once the process is complete.

Heat treatment also poses little to no risk to human health or the environment, unlike other chemical extermination methods. It is safe for children and the elderly, pets, plants and won’t harm the environment as it eliminates bed bugs without the use of any chemicals.

Killing bed bugs with heat really works!

  • Heat kills all life cycles from the eggs to adult bugs.
  • At 45°C , heat can reach where bed bugs are hiding, in effect killing them effectively and quickly.
  • Heat deeply penetrates where chemicals cannot – behind baseboards, wallpaper, window and door frames, inside your mattress, furniture and clothing.
  • Using heat to exterminate these pests is safe for your family and pets.
  • It only takes one day with one treatment.
  • Heat saves time, effort and money, reducing costly return visits which are common in other bed bug extermination methods.

Bed bug heat treatment is now the ‘gold standard’ of bed bug pest control. It’s the preferred method for many people in the Toronto area simply because it guarantees excellent results in just a single treatment.

How Toronto Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work

Using heat treatment simply entails raising the temperature inside your home or building to levels of heat that the bugs will not be able to survive. Bed bugs cannot stand extreme temperatures. They may have evolved and grown resistant to chemical treatments, but one thing they have not been able to do is to beat the heat. This is why heat treatments are so effective for killing these pests compared to traditional pest control practices.

The heat treatment is performed using special equipment and extremely high temperatures that are monitored by trained pest control exterminators to ensure that the job is done properly and safely. Once administered, the heat circulates through every part of the home or building and does the job of locating their nests and hunting down every nook and cranny where the bugs, larvae and eggs are hiding. As internal temperature rises to 45-55 degrees Celsius and becomes too hot for the bugs to handle and they die.

The extreme heat will not destroy or damage any items within the home or building, and it is largely safe to enter the property as soon as the treatment has ended.

Can Heat Treatment Be Performed As A DIY?

In order for heat treatment to be effective, you need to create an extreme environment that involves 2 things:

  • Raising the internal temperature of a home or building to 45-55 degrees Celsius (140°F) or upwards, and
  • Maintaining the extreme thermal heat for a few hours for it to travel and reach every nook and cranny.

It’s not as simple as turning the heat up on your thermostat. The whole process requires expert handling of special thermal equipment and prolonging extremely high levels of heat to be effective. A pest control professional with experience in this method of treatment is the safest way to utilize heat treatment for bed bug control.

The Most Advanced and the Safest Bed Bug Treatment in Toronto

If you need to get rid of bed bugs in your home or building but do not want to expose your family to toxic chemicals consider a heat treatment to exterminate the parasites with one treatment… all without the use of pesticides!

Petty Pest Control Services focuses on providing bed bug heat treatment exterminator services. This is a non-chemical, odour-free and eco-friendly method. We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and only use environmentally friendly and pet safe products approved for home use.

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