Possum Removal in Hamilton, Toronto & Niagara Region

Possum removal in Hamilton can be quite tricky and more often than not, families would call a professional to help get rid of the pests. But are there Possums in Ontario? Aren’t they endemic to Australia, New Guinea, and Sulawesi?  However, they are here. Experts say that they were introduced to the area in the 1960s. Possums tend to be roughly the size of a large house cat.

Like our other friends the skunk or raccoon, possums are opportunistic omnivores, eating any kind of vegetation or meat that’s available. So as with our other pests, you can find them looking in your garbage, your compost heap, or even in your barbecue.

Possum Removal Services in Hamilton, Toronto & Niagara RegionThey are tremendous climbers and they will climb onto roofs and trees to get away from danger. Although I have never encountered them inside an attic, if there’s a hole there it’s not past the realm of possibility that they would take up residence inside your attic. It’s far more likely though to be a raccoon or squirrel.

Do possums play dead? Yes, they do – this is not an old wives’ tale. I would not approach one that looks dead, as there have been recorded incidents where someone has been bitten by a possum after picking it up thinking it was dead. And as we always recommend, if bitten by a wild animal you should always go get a tetanus shot and call animal control.

A lot of times they will take up residence underneath sheds, decks, and abandoned burrows from other animals.

Petty Pest Control Services specializes in animal removal and will trap possums using chicken or sausage, then take the animal to a safe area where they will not bother you and we will not bother them.

We also recommend exclusion work to ensure that no other animal or possum can get into your shed or under your deck. For assistance on possum removal in Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga or the Niagara region, contact Petty Pest Control Services right now.