Squirrel Removal- Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara & Oakville

More and more often, we are contacted about Squirrel Removal in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara and Oakville areas. You may think that leaving on your attic lights or attempting to ‘harass’ the animals yourself might hurry their departure. While these methods can sometimes be effective, at Petty Pest Control Services we have years of experience with squirrel control and have helped homeowners and business owners alike get rid of these pesky animals in almost every situation and circumstance possible.

insulation damage by a squirrel in Toronto Removing a Squirrel from a chiminey in Toronto

Helping You Rid Your Attic of Squirrels

These pests can be quite a nuisance because they are able to easily adapt to a changing environment, making squirrel removal very tough to do on your own without the help of a professional. They have a bad habit of gnawing on just about everything that you can imagine. From your wood shingled roof to your metal gutters, they gnaw and gnaw. One of the main reasons for this behavior is that their teeth grow continuously, thus they gnaw on objects to keep their teeth to an adequate length.

Beyond that, squirrels have been known to nest in attics of homes. They can cause structural damage wherever they live and can drive you absolutely crazy with annoying scratching sounds, gnawing sounds and shuffling sounds when they nest in your home.

Do you need help with squirrel control?

The first thing that may indicate a squirrel infestation is the noise in the attic that is made when they are either breeding, entering and exiting the attic and the gnawing that they continually do. Squirrels usually, will pick the highest spot on the roof to enter. Therefore it is very dangerous for a homeowner to try and remove them on their own. Sometimes the squirrels will actually jump out of the hole onto the unsuspecting homeowner that is trying to evict them. Further the wiring of the attic should be inspected in the attic if the squirrels have been in the attic for any length of time. Squirrels will gnaw on the wire plastic insulation and expose the wire to create a fire hazard.

Once the squirrels have babies in the spring the noise will actually increase because of the amount animals present. More squirrels equals more noise and damage. So if you hear gnawing with some scuffling above your head at night, you can be sure that there are younger animals present and that a family has made a nest in your home. This is usually in the spring of the year. If you believe that squirrels have made a home on your property, Petty Pest Control Services can help with our professional squirrel removal service.

Why do you need squirrel removal?

Many homeowners think that squirrels will simply go away by themselves. While it is true that the animals sometimes make only a temporary den out of your attic, most of the time they will remain there for a number of weeks or longer. If you are lucky enough for the animals to leave on their own and you do not address the problem, they may return at a later time.

If a pregnant mother makes its way into your home, it may stay there for the duration until all the babies have been weaned and left on their own. Then the process begins again. Squirrels will usually have two litters per year.

Are squirrels dangerous?

The biggest danger from squirrels is probably their habit of gnawing. Squirrels have been suspected in about 50% of all house fires with undetermined causes.

How can Petty Pest Control Services help with squirrel removal?

Our highly trained and professional Wildlife Technicians do a complete inspection of the home to determine if the animals have gotten inside the attic area. If they have, we will enter the attic to determine the extent of the damage that the squirrels may have caused. Once this is done we will set traps to remove the animals and after determining that all the animals are removed, we will repair where the animals have entered.

When in the attic, we also look for droppings and the urine of the animals. This can be very significant if they have been living in the home for an extended time.  We also offer a flea treatment if needed. If you have these unwanted rodents in your attic or rooftop, we offer squirrel removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and the Niagara region.

We service; Hamilton, Toronto Mississauga, Oakville, Guelph, Kitchener- Waterloo, St. Catharine’s, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie and Simcoe. We also provide immediate emergency services anytime 24-7.