Skunk Removal in Toronto, Hamilton & Niagara Region

There’s a reason why many individuals ask for immediate skunk removal in the Toronto, Hamilton & Niagara area. Read on to find out why.

It‘s the dog owner’s biggest fear…. You let your dog out into the backyard, you hear some very noisy barking and maybe a yelp. You run back your door to let the dog in, and then it hits you!

Your dog has just been sprayed by a skunk and he brought the smell inside!

Skunk Removal services in Toronto, Hamilton & Niagara RegionContrary to popular belief, these small critters are not only nocturnal animals, they are actually more active at both dawn and dusk. It’s something to consider when you’re letting your dog outside.

They are omnivorous, which means they’ll eat practically anything to survive. They’re not very fast, have extremely poor vision and rely upon their sense of smell to find food. Garbage, barbecue droppings and compost heaps will attract a skunk.

Skunks do not climb, unless the climbing is easy, for example beside a fence with piles of wood beside it.  Or they’ll use bushes that are easy to climb.. Typically a skunk will burrow underneath a shed or a deck, or take refuge in a window well.

People tend to worry about skunks being rabid, however it’s typically not the case.  Most other types of animals, with the exception of dogs, tend to stay away from skunks therefore the chance of skunks being bitten by a rabid animal is extremely rare. However, as a precaution, with any wild animal bite, we recommend that you go get the proper tetanus shot if it does happen. But if you’re that close to a skunk, let’s face it folks, you’re far more worried about being sprayed then being bitten.

Skunks can spray quite accurately up to a distance of about 10 feet, that’s not to say they can spray further but this is where they can really aim. Their spray contains a chemical from the mercaptan family, which is also used in natural gas to let you know when there’s a leak. What does this mean to you? It means a very small amount stinks to high heaven and is very difficult to remove until it just wears off.

We at Petty Pest Control Services use specialized opaque plastic traps for skunks. This allows us to approach the traps safely without fear of being sprayed. We then remove the skunk humanely and allow him to get on with his life without bothering you.

Another facet of our approach is animal exclusion. Petty Pest Control Services will eliminate areas that skunks will burrow under so that you and your dog can enjoy your backyard (or for that matter your front yard). We dig far enough down (typically about 2 feet), install the mesh and refill the hole so that it will hit the mesh and not bother digging any further.

If you do find a skunk in your home or near your area, you need to act fast. Contact us today for all skunk removal in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Guelph, Oakville and the Niagara region.