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Infestations can grow and spread at any home, so investing in reliable pest control Brantford services is crucial. Here at Petty Pest Control Services, we look for effective ways of detecting pests early on your property and then safely removing them.

We make sure that our processes are safe, not only for the animals involved but for the homeowners, their pets, business owners, and recreational business owners too. Our exterminator Brantford services focuses on using non-toxic and environmentally friendly treatments.

It is our goal to provide affordable pest control services that are available 24/7. We service areas for pest control in Brantford, Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, St. Catherines, Stoney Creek, and nearby communities.

Pest control brantford

Pest Control Brantford in Ontario
Solutions that Keep Infestations Away

We effectively eliminate bed bugs from your property using our expertly trained bed bug detection dogs, which boast an impressive 96% accuracy rate in identifying pests. Our process includes modern heating in Brantford and other areas to guarantee thorough and exceptional results.

Our extensive methods allow our technicians to quickly detect cockroaches on your property and administer suitable treatments to efficiently eradicate them.

The team starts the process with a thorough inspection of your property, using safe yet highly effective techniques for mouse and rat control.

We partner with wildlife specialists who know how to precisely pinpoint the entry points of raccoons and securely seal them, ensuring your property remains pest-free.

Our technicians assist in identifying the entry points of skunks on your property and employ safe and effective methods to capture and securely remove them from the premises.

Our specialization lies in trapping possums that invade your property by using sausage and chicken baits and then relocating them to safer areas.

Our tasks include strategically placing traps around your property to capture squirrels, guaranteeing their safe relocation to another area through humane trapping methods.

It is our objective is to eliminate ant colonies by employing caulking methods to minimize the spread of infestations, along with eradicating pheromone trails from your premises.

When removing various animals from your property, we prioritize humane and pet-friendly methods to ensure the safety of all animals in the vicinity. This approach prevents any harm to them throughout the process.

Never have to deal with flea infestations again with our comprehensive removal procedures. Our process involves the meticulous cleaning of flea-infested items and furniture within your residence, ensuring thorough eradication.

Protect your property from termites and safeguard your home and furniture from decay and rot with our prompt and efficient pest control solutions.

Pest control brantford ontario

We Stop the Spread of Pest Infestation

Expect quick solutions with our Brantford pest control service treatments. Petty Pest Control Services values the health and safety of our clients and the animals involved, which is why we send our trained technicians to assist you.

Our job is to stop pests of any kind from gaining entry into your residential or commercial properties. Pests not only pose health risks but they can also damage your property’s insulation and structural parts. We provide only the best pest control in Brantford.

We have timely and friendly staff to assist you when you reach out to us for pest control inspection, detection, and removal. If you need rapid pest control Brantford solutions, then we are the team to call.