Pest Control Guelph Ontario | Safely Remove Infestations From Your Property

Do you need reliable pest control Guelph services? Petty Pest Control Services offers not only professional pest removal solutions, but they come at reasonable prices too. Our treatments have been tested and proven to be effective and safe for the environment.

We value our clients’ safety as we inspect your property for possible hidden entry points and insect hideouts. Our goal is to address residential and commercial pest control in Guelph Ontario issues in the most rapid and effective ways.

Expect our services in Guelph, Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Kitchener, Waterloo, St. Catherines, Stoney Creek, and nearby communities. We work on houses, condominiums, apartments, offices, and other property types.

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Guelph Pest Control Services We Offer at Petty Pest

We effectively remove bed bugs from your property through our bed bug dogs, which have 96% accuracy in pest detection. Our process also uses thermal heat treatments for more thorough and better results.

We have a fully integrated approach that allows our technicians to quickly detect cockroaches on your property and implement suitable treatments to remove them.

The team starts by conducting a thorough inspection of your property and implementing safe yet highly effective mouse and rat control techniques.

The wildlife experts we work with have the expertise to efficiently pinpoint the raccoons’ entry points and seal them off effectively, ensuring your property remains free from pests.

We assist in identifying entry points of skunks on your property and employ safe and effective methods to capture and remove them from the premises securely.

Our team excels at trapping possums that enter your property using sausage and chicken baits and then relocating them to safer areas.

We will efficiently deploy traps around your property to capture squirrels, ensuring their safe relocation to another area through the use of humane traps.

We focus on eliminating ant colonies by employing caulking methods to minimize the spread of infestations, along with removing pheromone trails from your premises.

While removing animals from your home, we prioritize humane and pet-friendly methods to ensure the safety of all animals in the vicinity, preventing any harm to them during the process.

Bid farewell to bothersome flea infestations with our comprehensive removal procedures, including the thorough cleaning of flea-infested items and furniture within your residence.

Protect your property from termites and safeguard your home and furniture from decay and rot with our swift and effective pest control solutions.

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Pest Control in Guelph, Ontario Solutions to Manage Unwelcome Infestations

It is our responsibility at Petty Pest Control Services to serve clients dealing with Guelph pest control issues. Homeowners can unknowingly bring pests into their homes and won’t find out they have infestations until it’s too late.

This is where our Guelph pest control services can aid you. We at Petty Pest Control Services make sure that you receive only the best pest control treatments from our professional and trained technicians.

Our professional pest control Guelph solutions are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We care about humans and animals alike when performing pest control processes. It’s our team that you need whenever you need pest control in Guelph.