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Ultimate Guide: How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Canada

One of the best ways how to get rid of cockroaches in Canada is to call professionals for help. Some people are reluctant to hire pest control services because they feel it’s more costly, but it’s the opposite. When you are hiring professionals, you are removing the infestations from its core and ensuring they never return. DIY cockroach treatments might sound cheaper, but they won’t be able to remove all infestations from your property. These are temporary solutions which means that the infestations could return Read More +

Sticky Traps, Bait Stations and More: Choosing the Best Cockroach Traps

You need to effectively set up a cockroach trap that could catch all the cockroaches that are running about your property. The key to catching these insects is to know where they hide and lay eggs. It’s crucial to learn the patterns of the insects so that you can locate and learn how to catch a cockroach. The traps used to catch cockroaches depend on how many you are dealing with and what part of the property they are hiding in. Usually, these insects can Read More +

Conquer the Creepy Crawlies: Effective Cockroach Control Strategies

You must take cockroach control seriously because having an infestation on your property can pose so many health risks. These are insects that leave their excrement and also shed their skin wherever they go. That means whatever they leave behind can irritate your immune system. Their feces are dangerous, especially for people who have allergies to cockroach droppings. Apart from that, these insects carry bacteria and germs with them. If you don’t address the infestation soon enough, these germs and bacteria that the insects carry Read More +

Termite Inspection Checklist: What to Look for Inside and Outside Your Home

When you contact a pest control service, one of the first things they do is perform a termite inspection. This is standard practice for every pest control service available and should be expected by homeowners. It’s not enough that you know where the pests are hiding, you should have professionals comb your home or building to find every colony the termites have. You need to be very careful if you find that you have termites at home. It’s because they are one of the most Read More +