10 Tips on How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

There are many ways to get rid of mice and you want to go with the option that is safe and secure. There have been pest control mice management processes that use harmful chemicals and you want to avoid using those services.

It’s because harmful chemicals not only damage your home but residue from the pest control process could affect the people living in the area. There are many ways that you can avoid putting yourself and your family at any health risk.

Choosing the right mice control services can help you remove mice safely and securely from your home. One of the first things you should do is put your home under a pest inspection. A reliable pest control company can do this for you and will sweep your home in all corners to find any traces of mice and other pests.

1.  Locating Mice in Your Home

One of the first things you should do is locate where the mice are hiding in your home or building. You could have spotted the mice sometime ago and needed to find their hideout. It can be tricky to find where mice hide but with the help of pest control services, you will be able to locate them faster.

Always have your house go through an inspection since this is how pest control can assess its infestation status. They will also interview you to ask questions about signs of mouse activity in the area, sources of food in the house, as well as how many cracks and gaps there are in the walls.

These are some simple yet useful ways for pest control to determine if your area has an infestation or not. While waiting for pest control services, you can start by sealing cracks in your walls and monitoring any changes in mouse activity in your home.

2.  Calling Professional Pest Control

Even if you find DIY solutions for mice infestation, these often don’t work as effectively, so you’ll find yourself using temporary solutions and spending more money on DIY products compared to just hiring a professional pest control service.

3.  Using Pesticides Safely

Professional pest control companies will know how to use pesticides safely. This means they are aware of the risks and will leave the area where the chemicals were used clean. You are working with experts who have training and experience in dealing with chemicals.

The best part about hiring experts is that they will often use environmentally friendly products that do little to no harm. They will also have licensed technicians and staff who have enough experience in dealing with various mouse infestation situations.

4.  Wearing the Proper Protection Suits

Professionals will have the proper PPE to wear while disinfecting your home. They will have gloves, goggles, and long pants to ensure that no pesticide will stick to them or that no bait will harm them while on the job.

This not only protects them from the chemicals, but it also protects you as the homeowners from possibly interacting with pest technicians who are affected by pesticides. They can easily wear the protective suits and remove them after the job is done.

5.  Asking for Advice

What most people tend to forget is that protecting your home from future infestations is just as crucial as getting rid of your current infestation problems. When you have experts get rid of mice in your home, you should also know how to prevent the mice from returning.

The best people to ask would be the pest control team that has cleaned your home. They can give you good advice on how to prevent infestations from happening again in your home. You can even ask them for suggestions on how to keep your home mouse-free.

6.  Looking for Mouse Activity in Your Home

If you want to remove mice from your house quickly, you should know what the signs are that they are active. There are signs of mouse activity that can be very useful if you are planning on getting rid of the infestation immediately.

7.  Scratch Marks or Chewed Shelves

One of the most obvious signs is seeing scratches around shelves, furniture, and even packages. You might even find chewing marks where small teeth can be found. If you have no other pets, like cats or dogs, then it’s unlikely that you will find scratches and chew marks on your furniture.

Mice love to chew on small parts of your packages or furniture. These will leave gnawing marks about 1.5” when measured in diameter. If you already have a suspicion that these are mice, it’s time to make measurements and look for similar items that could have been marked as well.

8.  Finding Food Debris or Crumbs

If you find unusual food crumbs and debris in places where you haven’t left them. Then you might have little invaders in your home. Usually, the mice will drop crumbs in the middle of the floor, in your pantry, or on shelves.

Keep an eye out for small debris around your home. They may not be noticeable at first, but the more that you come across them, the more they become obvious. Always be wary of where you store your food and where you eventually find pieces of it on the floor.

9.  Locating Animal Droppings

Just like with other pests, they will leave behind droppings. This is apparent if there are several mice in your home, and they are already dwelling there. Usually, you recognize different animal droppings and mouse droppings are very different from those of other house pets.

Their droppings are small, and oblong-shaped pellets. You might find them in the corridors, under the sinks, behind your cabinet, and in room corners. In some cases, you would need a torch to spot these droppings in hard-to-reach places.

10. Calling Experts at the Right Time

For an infestation to stop, you have to stop it before it becomes uncontrollable. Once you notice that there is a presence of mice in your house, start calling your local pest control services. They will know what to do and begin an inspection of your palace.

Always choose to hire local pest control companies because they are already familiar with the safety codes in your city or area. Local pest companies can also reach you faster and it will be easier for you to schedule with them. You can also ask professional pest control services about how to get rid of mice effectively.