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Tips to remove wild animals without harming them

Wild animals can damage your property and can harm you, if proper caution is not taken. In order to protect your family and your home, here are a few tips: Put up a fence: Huge number of animals are attracted  to garden plants and flowers. In order to prevent damage from wild animals, consider constructing a fence. They can be relatively inexpensive and last for a long time. Use non-toxic chemical repellants: Non-toxic chemicals are usually more expensive than the other chemicals but they work well in a Read More +

Ants again? It may be time to consider ant extermination

If your house is overrun with ants, you may require ant extermination to get rid of the problem. Ants usually invade for food that may be sugary or greasy. The following are several tips to help remove ants and keep them out! Prevention: The best method to avoid an ant infestation is to have a clean house. The key is to keep places such as the kitchen tidy and free of any food that may be laying around. Barriers can also be created using salt Read More +

Termite control is best left to the professionals

Is termite control necessary? Termite control is necessary in order to avoid extensive damage to wood, paper, books, insulation, and filtration systems done by termites. The highest concern is for homes and thus buyer/sellers have termite inspections as part of sale agreements. Thousands of termites can cause a frustrating experience as they eat away at people’s most precious investment. Which treatment and products are most effective? The treatment of termites can seem like a long and dreadful process but by choosing the most effective option, it Read More +

Rat infestation in Hamilton is likely to grow

The rat infestation in Hamilton has become a growing problem in the area which is likely to get worse. Calls reporting rat problems to Hamilton Public Health have doubled compared to last year. In 2014, rat complaint calls had reached 121, whereas there were 58 in 2013 and 36 in 2012. Construction is one of the major sources of the increased rat infestation along with the weather. It’s a fact that when there is a dig, rats will try to seek shelter elsewhere, resulting in Read More +

Skunk removal and prevention tips

Almost anyone can recognize a skunk when they see one. This black and white mammal can spray a highly odorous fluid when threatened, which can be significantly difficult to eliminate. Below is a list of tips that can help you with your skunk problems. The best and most effective way to removing a skunk is to trap it and then release it elsewhere. There are a few things you should keep in mind when setting up a skunk trap. Set your traps in high-skunk activity Read More +