Bed Bug Heat Treatment: A Leading Solution in Toronto

When you use a bed bug treatment in Toronto you are going for a chemical-free pest heat treatment. The good thing about this procedure is that the bugs are affected by no chemicals but rather the rapid temperature change.

Heat treatments are green methods for eradicating pests from your home or property. It’s a non-toxic way of killing bed bugs in all of its life stages without leaving traces of toxic smells or residue. It’s a good method if you’re worried about bug extermination methods that could cause harm to humans and pests.

The process makes use of a proprietary heating technology with specialized heaters. These heaters then eliminate infestations existing in the space after a single application. You won’t have a hard time locating the pests since the temperature spreads evenly throughout the room, penetrating each crack and crevice that these pests could potentially be hiding in.

Learning More About the Bed Bug Heat Treatment

One of the most prominent questions of homeowners would be if the bed bugs can manage to survive the heat treatment. There have been plenty of bed bug treatments available and some of them are not able to completely get rid of the pests.

Heat treatments, however, make things easier for you since you won’t have to look for hiding places for pests anymore. You also don’t need to set up traps or spray dangerous pesticides in the home. For the method to be effective, you only need to ensure that there are no things that could block the airflow in the room.

The temperature used is always higher than 49 °C, which is also the standard temperature used to effectively kill bed bugs. What happens is that when the heat reaches the bugs, they will quickly suffocate and turn over on their backs. The effect happens in seconds and sometimes in minutes.

How to Prepare for Heat Treatment

Once you’ve contacted a professional to conduct the heat method, it’s time to prepare your property. If you want the extermination of bed bugs to be effective, you have to ensure that your home is ready to accommodate the temperature.

  • Cleaning Your Property
    It’s normal to start cleaning your home to make sure that no trash or debris could block the treatment. If you need to reposition furniture to make things easier, then do so. Remember that heat can only penetrate certain surfaces.That’s why when you notice that there is furniture blocking certain areas of the room, it’s time to move it away. You have to remove all trash from your property if you want this method to reach its full potential.
  • Finish and Store Your Laundry
    You have to make sure that you have finished and stored your laundry before the treatment. Some people could have clothes that would react badly to high temperatures. Keep these clothes away from the areas where the heat methods will be done.If you feel like your storage areas need cleaning as well, then make sure to empty them. Keep them open for heat treatment so that the temperature can easily seep into the closed areas. You should also open storage areas where you suspect there is an infestation.
  • Keep Heat-Sensitive Items Away
    Be responsible enough to keep your temperature-sensitive items away when the treatment is ongoing. Check whether you need to have them moved or rearranged so that they won’t be damaged or destroyed during the heat treatment.You can always ask the professionals who will conduct the treatment about which items should be removed. They will give you a list of items that you need to wipe with disinfectant or that need thorough inspection before the treatment.
  • Take Out Your Pets
    Make sure that you take all of your pets away from the area before the treatment. Cats and dogs need to be out of your unit to keep them from the danger and harm of extreme temperatures. You will also need to have them groomed or have a flea bath to ensure that no bugs are left behind.

Advantages of a Bed Bug Heat Treatment

There are many benefits of using a bed bug heat treatment in your home. These pests are very persistent, and you can only get rid of them if you exterminate their nests and eliminate the core of the infestation.

Heat Can Easily Kill Pesticide-Resistant Bugs

Some pests start to develop immunity to pesticides, which makes it hard to kill them. However, heat treatment can eliminate these types of bugs easily. Pests can develop a skin layer that can resist pesticides, but, they are still weak when it comes to temperature.

That’s why using heat treatment against infestations is one of the surest ways to exterminate bugs. They won’t be able to develop any temperature resistance, and they can’t hide as long as you’ve opened access to their hiding spots.

  • Free from Chemicals
    For people who want to use chemical-free methods for exterminating pests, heat treatment is their solution. Chemicals are not only dangerous to humans, but they can also harm the environment. You will also need to vacate your property if you ever intend to use chemical treatments.
  • Expect No Damages
    You won’t have to worry about your floors, walls or furnishings getting damaged by heat treatment. Given the fact that you’ve removed any item that could be affected by high temperature, you are looking at a safe and efficient pest control method.

It’s also important to note that for the method to work properly, you also need experts to do the job. That’s why it’s crucial to call professional pest control companies to conduct the heat treatment on your property.

Bed Bugs

Keeping Pests Away From Your Property

Destroying infestations and keeping pests away from your house shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know how to deal with them. Make sure that you are aware if there are any infestations on your property and how bad the bed bug population is.

Look for expert pest control companies that you can trust. You must look up their portfolio as well as the services that they offer, namely, heat treatment for bed bugs in Toronto. You can also check reviews from their previous clients to see whether the company has done a good job or not.

Heat treatment, when applied properly, can take about a day or two, depending on the level of infestation. There are also several factors at play such as the size of the area and the number of rooms needed for treatment. For more information, you can always contact a bed bug heat treatment company in Toronto.