Unwanted Holiday Visitors??

Hello everyone!

I hope this time of year brings you all health and happiness enjoying times with your friends and family!

Speaking of visitors, I would like to talk about the unwanted type that unfortunately are showing up in rather large numbers the year. Of course, I am talking about what some people consider just a nuisance, even sometimes cute. These are of course mice and rats. (OK, Rats aren’t cute!). But both of them are more than just an annoyance, they can make you and your visitors sick! Why, because they love the same food that we all do. And they are very good at finding all the holiday goodies! Using their whiskers and their sense of smell, they can find the kitchen and pantry areas like they are guided by radar!

So how do we keep them away from our food? First thing any food that is loose should be stored in a resealable plastic container (flour cookies etc…) Second, empty the garbage outside every night (yeah, I know…but in a sealed garbage can). Clean all counters and empty the sinks. Rodents need water as much as we do. Have a look at the outside of your home. Check for cracks in the foundation, check the vent seals for the gas, dryers and furnace vents. Fill in any gaps with silicone sealant. The rubber boot on your garage door is un chewed and seals when closed.

Check the pipes underneath toy sinks, if there are large gaps, fill them in with steel wool, if small then use the silicone.

If you have these guys in your home now, it’s a good idea to call in a professional to take care of the issue. Rodents give birth to identical numbers of males and females approximately every six weeks. Add another six weeks, and these siblings do not care if they are brother and sister, its breeding time!

As anyone that has had a rodent issue can attest to, these pests do not care if they defecate or urinate near or in your food. And let’s face it, that’s a health issue.

If you find food that has been chewed on, do not try to save it…..get rid of it for your health and the health of your holiday visitors!